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"I had a chance to come across Burwood&Marsh and use their services when I decided to move out of my place in North London at the end of September 2017. I thought Mr Preddie (the owner) displayed wealth of knowledge of the property market, willingness to listen to my needs, help in a timely manner, according to my needs, as well as relevant experience in the field. Just before I had to move out, he was available on his day off to speed up the process, which I really appreciated. I would recommend this agency with no hesitation".

Paola, Tenant


Our requirements were immediate so:

Moses provided immediate viewings for us.
Our choice was made on our 3rd viewing on Day 1

Moses then insured all the necessary forms, permissions, and accesses were in place within 24 hours. Clear, concise and repetitive explanations were professionally provided to us when we asked numerous questions. All assurances were provided.

During our rental lease we had a couple of occasions to contact Burwood Marsh. On both occasions the staff assisted us without delay or complaint. In fact during their Christmas break they ensured we were taken care of - Very pleased and impressed with this consideration.

Valarie always provided answers to our inquiries, Jo Johnson and Lisa Faulds were as equally professional with their help. Even Burwood Marsh's selected company to do the Inventory entry and exit plan were well trained, professional and courteous. We could not have been more impressed.

Everything from beginning to end was done properly.

Beverley Gill, Tenant


We were lucky that the property we liked was managed by Burwood Marsh. Everyone in the team turn out to be valuable at one point or another during my one year stay in London. Moses, Jo, Lisa, Hermione and specially Valerie helped me and my sister enormously to understand all the complexities of moving and renting a property. They were always available for answering any query via email or phone, and they always had a positive and supportive attitude. I would definitely recommend this team and company to any friend who moves to the SE area.

Cateconte, Tenant


I am truly fortunate to have met this Real Estate Agent. He was super informative of the process, which helped me a lot as it is my first time renting so I was really uncertain as to what the process would be like, what do I need to know and understand, what kind of documents do I need to hand in for them to give to the landlord and to prove that I am a viable tenant. And not only that, he was communicative and really interpersonal throughout the process, which made renting for the first time much easier and smoother process for me. For example, if at times I was unsure about something, his approachability made me feel that I could ask him anything concerning the renting process, the landlord, the council tax, the bills, the inventory of where I am renting, and he would considerately and calmly explain to me. Mostly, he went to the extent of establishing a relationship between me and the landlord, where we all three of us sat down to get to know each other and build a rapport between us so we know who is renting out to who, who is the tenant and who is managing the property. And this is rare because normally, Real Estate agents don't go to that extent to arrange a meeting between the potential tenant and the landlord, to offer a good service. But ultimately, I am truly thankful for the amazing service offered by Burwood Marsh!! Thank you so much!! It is much appreciated.

Yen Duy Tu, Tenant


I moved into an apartment in Surrey Quays area managed by MOSES. Since the very first step of inquiry, they have responded to my calls, texts and email speedily and always reply as promised. So that gave me a peace of mind and assurance that I'm in good hands. It's vitally important for me to get a good agent, being someone who always responds; fixture and maintenance; knows the neighbourhood preferably; honest and fair. That's because I'm an international female student living alone and having to deal with renting a property all by myself. Previously I had the most horrible experience of dealing with agents and landlord but this time not at all. I'm fortunate enough to get Moses as my agent. Not only does he respond to all my queries, but the process of confirming and signing the agreement while being abroad was also smooth and easy. Upon my arrival, he paid me a visit and helped me to move my heavy deliveries while I was away for work. I'd recommend this small size agency over those big companies agency anytime.

Chia Jin Low, Tenant


I am glad to have met Moses who owns Burwood Marsh,I rented a two bedroom flat in 2018 and I am still living there today...a very good character and helpful person ,always quick to respond and help in any way he can regardless of how busy he might be. I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a place to live to work with Moses at Burwood Marsh in Surrey Quays.

Daniela, Tenant